Taking the road out to the beach and wildlife reserve at Dungeness is a journey like no other. It’s bleak but beautiful. You feel like you're arriving on a movie-set.

The theatre is all there; vast skies, expansive beach, contemporary architecture; intruiging artists’ retreats and bird life swooping out at sea. A perfectly formed stage for another day. When you know that from here fuel was pumped to France to support the D Day landings, or that here is the site of the original research base for triangulated radar, you can’t help but feel that these shores reveal more stories waiting to be told.

And that's why we love Dungeness. It feels quiet and stylishly contemplative. It has an other-worldliness about it; whilst being very much of the of 21st Century it its look and feel. Come see what makes it so special.

Fiona Naylor, Founding partner at Johnson Naylor and owner of Pump Station, Radar, Coastguard Lookout and Fog Signal, offers Bloom Stays guests four striking buildings. Beautifully designed to celebrate their history, whilst making them comfortable, contemporary spaces to spend your time in here, you'll have a hard time choosing which ones to stay in. They are the best Dungeness can offer. See below for more detail.

Fiona Naylor Founding Partner at Johnson Naylor created four unique holiday cottages:

  • Coastguard Tower - sleeps 2-5
  • Fog Signal Station - sleeps 2
  • Radar - sleeps - 2
  • Pump Station / PS1 - sleeps 2-8

Each individually striking, together they are known as the Patagonia Collection. Collectively they reminded Fiona Naylor, creator of all four houses, of another Dungeness, in Patagonia, South America. When the South American Dungeness was so named by 17th Century explorers, it was because that far off place shared, with its Kent counterpart, a sense of other-worldliness. In a similar vein, Fiona Naylor feels like the houses at Dungeness give our guests the same sense of escapism.

Dungeness became a second home for Fiona Naylor and her then young family when she created Coastguard Lookout, later discovering that friends and families also shared her enthusiasm for the experience of sleeping in a 1950's orginal lookout. Later came Fog Signal, a contemporary retreat based on the former fog signal testing station. Pump Station and PS1 joined the portfolio as Fiona's family home and lastly the smaller Radar was converted in 2018 as a romantic retreat for couples. It has an indulgent sauna and circular tub with opening viewing doors to enjoy the panoramic pebble shore views.